Saturday, June 30, 2012

♥Color Craze Wet-n-wild's on a trip and kleancolors silver lining♥

This purple is hard to discribe. In the bottle it looks like a regular purple but in the sunlight it has a bluish hue to it which I love! After a day of wearing it plain I added a coat of kleancolors sliver lining it is a blingy glitter with purple flecks in it. I should've tried this as a matte before taking it off. ツ

♥Water Marble #1 Purple♥

While pink is my favorite color, I do like to wear purple from time to time. Got the idea from all the purple nail polish I recently purchased.
I used wet-n-wild disturbia, Orly lollipop, two Sally Hansen xtreme wear in virtual violet and violet voltage. All the polishes work very well with each other hope you guys like! ツ

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


(Manicure of the month) I did this earlier in the month and I loved it! I used sinful colors in out of this world and L.A. colors in sparkling diamonds two coats of each. The camera does it no justice!

♥My nubbie♥

So my nails are usually very strong and rarely break guess I should consider myself fortunate. But my nail on my index finger broke in the shower the other night :-( I had to cut & shape it. Not bad but its annoying! Hopefully it will grow back soon. I'm doing a new Mani/pedi on Friday will post pics! ツ

♥June polish purchases 2♥

Ok here is part two of my polish purchases for June.
Top row left is L.A. colors
Current, blossom, summertime (which was my Mani/pedi for Vegas) wired, perfect sunset, radiation and sparkling diamond.
Top row right is kleancolors neons
Yellow, pink, purple, orange and sea ice
Bottom row left kleancolors metallics
Metallic pink, metallic white, cobalt, pink star and pink slippers.
Bottom row right kleancolors glitters
24 carat, color collision, silver star and aurora
So that's  it I'll be posting as I buy! ツ

♥June Polish purchases♥

This is my complete polish haul for the month of June. In the future I won't wait till the end of the month, but since my nail-a-holic blog is new this is the perfect time to post so I'll do it in two seperate posts.
Top row Sally Hansen xtreme polishes
#360 mellow yellow
#485 golden-I
#470 bubblegum pink
#400 virtual violet
#420 Pacific blue
#140 rockstar pink
Second row left is wet-n-wild fast dry
Gray's anatomy
Blue wants to be a millionaire
Hanna pinktana
Second row right is Sally Hansen H.D.
#11 wavelength
#12 hue
Bottom row left is wet-n-wild wild shine
Rain check
Tickled pink
Lavender Pearl (which looks pink to me)
Bijou blue
Bottom row right are crackle polishes
3 Sally Hansen's are
#07 cherry smash
#05 distressed denim
#06 antiqued gold
2 China glazes are
Black mesh
Tarnished gold
So that's post 1 I will post round 2 next!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

♥currently wearing♥

My current Mani/pedi is kleancolors black with Sally Hansen's antique gold crackled on top. This is my first attempt with crackle Polish I know its been around for a while but I didn't care for the look. I'm really into shimmers and glitters and decided to give it a try. I was too lazy to crackle all of my toes and I figured it wouldn't show up well anyway. I'm going to change this its been on for 5 days and I'm ready for a change will be posting my new Mani/pedi soon :-)

First post.

This is my first post on this blog. I will admit I'm horrible at keeping up with postings but this is something I love, my mani's and pedi's! So I'm sure I'll do a better job of posting on here :-)
One more thing....I love reading my simple pleasure's blog! I also follow her on YouTube! She is amazing so stay tuned more stuff to come! Toodles ♥