Monday, July 30, 2012

♥Revlon Dreamer♥

This is a polish I've been lemming over for awhile! I picked it up a few weeks ago and decided to wear it. Dreamer is a creamy baby blue and in some lights it looks almost like a Robin's egg blue. A little thick and a little streaky but I still love it. Used 2 coats for full opacity. ツ

♥Product review madly matte♥

I never wear the same polish for more than a few days so since I know virtual violet will be coming off in the next day or so I finally decided to use the kleancolor matte top coat I purchased and it works great.
Madly matte (just like other matte top coats) gives your polish a matte finish. While I'm not a fan of matte nail polishes I decided to mattify my manicure and I love it! It looks like a metallic finish. So o will be getting a back up bottle. If you don't want to pay the price of China glaze's matte magic this is a good alternative for only $1 ツ

Friday, July 27, 2012

♥Sally Hansen Virtual Violet♥

I have so many polishes from the Sally Hansen xtreme wear line and this is my first time wearing one. Virtual Violet is a beautiful purple with blue undertones almost a duochrome look. The formula is great maybe a little watery I'll see if this is a trend with the other polishes. It only took two coats and dries pretty quick which I love! ツ

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

♥Glittery goodness Icing's Epic Winning♥

I first saw this while watching my simple little pleasures Polish in motion playlist and this polish is truly epic winning! It is a blue based medium holo-glitter with micro silver glitter! And in the sunlight its jaw dropping!!!! I have a few more icing glitter polishes coming up so far this is my favorite ツ

Saturday, July 21, 2012

♥Glittery goodness wet-n-wild rock-n-roll♥

I have tons of glitter polish and counting LOL! I was looking for a dark holo-glitter and this takes the cake! Wet-n-wild has a line of polishes for black eyed peas Singer fergie and while I'm not in love with all the colors this one is a winner! Opaque in 3 coats. As with most glitter polishes it feel like sand paper so two coats of top coat made it smooth and blingy ツ

Friday, July 20, 2012

♥July week 3 purchases♥

I bought nail polish from everywhere this week Sally, ulta local beauty supplies because as of August 1st I'll be on a two week no buy =) so here is what I picked up
 L to R kleancolors salsa much and starry night. NK luscious purple and baked brown.

 L to R L.A. colors goddess, Ruby kisses cotton candy, Sally Hansen red carpet sinful colors I miss you and fingerpaints late night rendezvous.

L to R from orly's dark shadows collection Mysterious curse and buried alive and Orly after party.

 Both of these are by Revlon Not so blueberry and dreamer.

So that's it for this weeks purchases ツ

♥Ruby Kiss Cotton Candy♥

I decided to wear a soft color for a few days and Ruby kisses cotton candy is the softest pink I own and I just love it! It is a pink opalescent with lavender shimmer. Took 3 coats for full opacity it is a beauty! ツ

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

♥Glittery goodness wet-n-wild Hanna Pinktana ♥

My love for all things glittery will never end. Especially as long as I can find it with pink! My fav color and this one is a winner! Wet-n-wild Hanna Pinktana is a dusty rose micro holo-glitter which is cute in the bottle but on the nail....spectacular! And in direct sunlight a glittergasm! It is from the fast dry line in that case the four coats to get it opaque didn't bother me at all. Topped with seich Viet quick dry top coat it was dry in 15 mins. With normal polish it would have taken forever. ツ

Monday, July 16, 2012

♥Icing's Tag Me Pink♥

So I bought a bunch of polishes from the icing Friday and I was dying to try this one. It was part of the New York Graffiti collection which I posted in my week 2 purchases. Tag me pink is a pretty hot pink satin-shimmery Polish good formula opaque in two coats and it dries fast! Love it as pink is my favorite color. ツ

Saturday, July 14, 2012

♥Glittery goodness wet-n-wild saved by the blue + sinful colors hottie♥

I don't know why I've been so in love with blue polishes but this is another winning combo. Wet-n-wild's saved by the blue is from the fast dry line and let me say this is the sickest blue polish I've ever seen the color is so rich! And its opaque in one coat! I will wear this again by itself! I used one coat of sinful colors hottie a stunning blue holo-glitter polish I hate the rainbow glitter didn't photograph too well cause its a beauty! ツ

Friday, July 13, 2012

♥July week 2 purchases♥

This weeks purchases were mainly from the icing and I can say their clearance sale was love!!!! All the polish I got from the icing was $10! The rest came from ulta, Sally beauty supply and Walmart.
Icing polishes
L to R; pop a bottle, epic winning, rock star from Mars, crystal heart and kiss my Berry

L to R; (from the new York graffiti collection)
Silver spray paint, tag me pink, 4am dance party, midnight at times square and black shatter which is a crackle polish.

2 pure ice polishes; China girl and cheatin' forever 21 red multi-glitter icing chrome navy blue and Nina ultra pro purple x-ing

2 rimmel polishes; hard metal and pink zinfandel 3 Sally Hansen salon manicure polishes; purple pulse, angel wings and black platinum.

♥possible dupe ♥

I was putting away some recently purchased nail polish (seems like I'm doing that every day ha!) And I noticed that wet-n-wild gray's anatomy and my newly purchased sinful colors let me go looks almost the same.

As I held the bottles up there was some slight difference. Let me go has more of a pinkish-gray duochrome while gray's anatomy is more of a purplish-gray duochrome. However they are both the same price at $2 at Walgreens. Gray's anatomy may be easier to find as wet-n-wild polishes are sold almost everywhere. I've only seen sinful colors at Walgreens. If you can't find one the other will work just fine. ツ

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

♥Currently wearing kleancolors mermaid + kleancolors silver star♥

I love kleancolors mermaid it is a pretty duochrome. Blue with green and silver. After a day of wearing it alone I added a coat of kleancolors silver star a pretty chunky holo-glitter the stars were pure hell to get out of the bottle but still very pretty ツ

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

♥My Natural Nail♥

I get a lot of questions on how I grow my nails and keep them healthy and keep my natural color on the nail bed and my tips white. You would think with so much frequent Polish changes I would expirence breaks and staining. I rarely experience breaks unless its a freak accident or something. My nails seem to be pretty strong naturally. I use to wear them very long maybe 10mm of free nail. Now that my job requires typing its about 4mm now. What I do to take care of my nails is very simple. I do not cut them if I don't have to. I file them down instead. Cutting can cause splits or cracks in the nail bed, which can't stunt the growth. I use St Ives apricot scrub to scrub dead skin off my hands and around my nails. Yes I know its facial scrub but it has pumice in it and we use pumice stones in manis and pedis anyway so it seems to work. I also soak my hands once a week and push my cuticles back GENTLY!!! I apply cuticle oil and moisturizing lotion to my hands. Sometimes in between manis I will use Avon's length and strength complex. As far as how white my tips are that's just diet! Lots of veggies and proteins. And vitamins. Happy manis! ツ

Saturday, July 7, 2012

♥July's week #1 purchase huge ulta haul♥

I've been in ulta every day this week due to their salon polish line being on sale for $2 a bottle! Plus a coupon spend $10 get $3.50 off and the coupon is good till July 21st so I have more to get before putting myself on a no-buy!

Bottom row is: brownette, quit metal-ing, bare minimum, not from concentrate, chocolate kiss, freshwater Pearl, jaded and goddess.
Second row: Ruby slippers, Moody blues, taupe on a rope, indigo girl, little black dress and pink marble.
Third row: grin and Berry it, vintage violet, purple haze and after party
Top: material girl.

Friday, July 6, 2012

♥Ulta Bare Minimum + China glaze fairy dust♥

In less than a week I managed to get 19 bottles of ulta polish due to the sale. I was so impressed with my last manicure till I decided to wear another ulta polish.
Bare Minimum is a shimmer-cream like polish that looks taupe then green. I absolutely love this color! So far I'm impressed with ulta nail polishes then I decided to add a coat of China Glaze fairy dust nice combo ツ

Thursday, July 5, 2012

♥A possible dupe?♥

As most nail Polish fanatics I have so many bottles of nail Polish till they all start to look alike. My good friend gave me a bottle of Sally Hansen's gem crush in Razzle Dazzler and I love it! Super sparkly glitter Polish! I plan on getting every color! Fast forward a few weeks later and I bought a ton of wet-n-wild polishes and I picked up what I believe is called sparkling (if not I will include the correct name in the comments) and when I got home and put them away I noticed how the colors are almost exact! S.H. does have a little more of a silver shimmer but if you're not willing to pay $5-$7 for Sally Hansen the wet-n-wild Polish works just as good and its only $1 I may wear both and do a comparison on how each polish wears ツ