Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fergie Kalidescope Eyes

Hello, work week is almost over! So glad! Ready for the weekend. No plans just ready for two days away from my job ha!
Today I have another fergie polish which I must say I've grown quite fond of. Kalidescope eyes is a mix of blue, green, gold & sliver glitter in a clear base. I layered it over two coats of kleancolors sea ice. A bright aqua cream. While this polish is super pretty it is a pain in the ass to apply! Super runny! I had to dab the glitter on to get the coverage I got. Of all my fergie polishes this had the worst formula! It still looked nice and I'm sure ill be wearing it again. Maybe this was just a bad bottle. Fergie polishes are made by wet-n-wild and I've only seen it sold at Walgreens. Right now it is on sale 2/$5

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thinking of spring A Revlon water marble

Happy Saturday! Mines would be a little happier if mother nature would go away! Feeling super crappy! :-( ladies you understand. But not crappy enough to keep me from doing my nails :-)
I haven't done a water marble in a while so I decided to get back into it. I guess with all the cold weather spring was really on my mind when I chose these colors. My exsisting Mani was Revlon charming which I'll be posting later I know out of order LOL! So before taking it off I decided to marble over it.
I used all Revlon polishes for this. Top speed in Cupid and the other three was dreamer, sunshine sparkle and charming. No planned design just random swirls and stripes. I love the way this turned out. Excuse my dry cuticles I took & edited these after I noticed it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend :-)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Essie Kisses & Bises

Hi all been super busy celebrating more birthdays and helping my best friend get ready to move. Also been keeping warm it was -3° in Chicago the other day so the 16° now is considered a heat wave LOL!
Essie kisses & bises is a sheer irrediscent polish that flashes pink, green and an orangy-red. I layered it over a white base but I'm sure it will be beautiful over black. Then to add shimmer that my camera wouldn't capture I added a coat of sparitual sparkling conversation. A slivery shimmer top coat polish. It shows up much better in person. :-)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wet-n-wild Buffy The Violet Slayer + Love & Beauty Purple glitter

Hi all! Happy the work week is almost over! Ready to spend some time with my family and friends. We always have a ball when one of our birthdays roll around :-)
I've had Buffy the violet slayer for quite some time at least 6 months but never wore it. I was feeling purple and its s speed dry so I thought why not. Boy I'm glad I did. This polish is much darker than it looks in the bottle. More of a blurple! (Blue + purple) the depth was so pretty my camera. Couldn't pick it up it has a satiny smooth finish I used two coats. Then I wanted to kick it up a notch and add a coat of love & beauty dark purple glitter another that I've had forever and didn't wear. It is a purple glitter that flashes blue in the light. I said I was going to start doing more layering :-)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

OPI Mermaids Tears + Confetti Tazmainian Devil

Happy Sunday! Weekends go by so fast I didn't go out at all I spent mine relaxing :-) I'm in a heated bidding war on eBay for two bottles of butter London polishes (diamond geezer & lilibets jubilee) right now I'm the highest bidder! And I will not loose!!! Lol!
I decided to do some layering my base is OPI's mermaids tears from the old pirates of the carribean collection. I have a few other polishes from this collection. Mermaids tears is a soft dusty seafoam green cream. This looked so good on its own. Appilcation is like butter I used two coats. Then I started thinking what glitter would look good over this. I rumbled through my stash till I found my bottle of confetti tazmainian devil. It is a beautiful clear based polish with silver, pink and soft green round glitter with the same colors in micro glitter! I'm sure this will look pretty over a lot of colors I think I'll be doing a lot of layering with this. I loved the finished look so soft & sparkling and pretty :-)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fingerpaints Hollydazzle

Happy Friday all glad to see the weekend! Long week! Those holiday breaks made me super lazy.
So I've bought quite a bit of polishes throught eBay & clearance at Sally beauty supply and ulta. I'll try to get around to posting that haul shortly.
Today I'm wearing fingerpaints hollydazzle from their holiday collection. I was so excited to get this. My camera just isn't picking up this glowy-glass flecked hue this Polish has!!! I'm a lover of red nail polish! Cream, shimmer doesn't matter! I used three coats plus a coat of rush speed dry top coat I am in love!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Color Club Ho Ho Holly

Happy Saturday all! Now with all the holidays over with I can focus on the important season! I know I'm not the only one! :-)
I went to Sally beauty supply hoping to find some holiday polishes on clearance and boy did I hit the jackpot! I passed on a few but I know I'm going to go back for them.
Today I'm wearing Color Club's ho ho Holly from their holiday collection. Everyone knows I'm not a fan of green nail Polish I own maybe 6 or 7 bottles but this one OMG!!!! In the bottle its like a mossy evergreen color then it looks like it flashes a little teal. Witg golden shimmer borderline glass flecked Love!!!!! This was almost a 1 coater but for the 20 years I've been polishing my nails I've never done one coat! Ha! But you definitely could. The only vice is the smell!!! I think their holiday polishes are scented as it has this god-awful pine cone scent. I did pick up a few other colors from this collection so we'll see.

Friday, January 4, 2013

How I'm currently storing my nail polish

If you asked me I'm sure I couldn't tell you how many bottles of nail polish I have. I have moments when I don't buy it for months. Then I go crazy buying it for months LOL! I've had ppl tell me I have too much nail polish.....well to each its own!!! I never tell people they smoke too many  cigarettes or drink too much liquor. Cause if that's their thing my polish and make up is mine!!!! That's why I never understood people that show their storage or haul vids on YouTube that start out with "I'm not trying to brag"........who the hell cares!?! If you were your money paid for it! So middle finger to that!!! OK I'm done ranting LOL!

So in this first pic was an empty bottom drawer of my dresser where I store my red, orange, gold, brown, yellow, golds and corals. I asking have more pinks & purples in here my nail tools, orange sticks for marbling and cotton balls to remove my polishes.

To the left of my dresser drawers I have containers stacked in the cabinets. Pinks & purples, blues, greens & teals, blacks, whites & grays. I also store my removers, acetone and my treasure chest with my base and top coats and nail treatments

On my desk is either polishes I just bought or colors I've pulled out of my stash to wear.
So that's it for now. If my set up changes I will surley do another post :-)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last purchase of 2012/first post of 2013

Hello 2013! Hope everyone had a happy new year! I did a little shopping at the two Ulta's near my job on NYE and found a ton of nail Polish on clearance. I Marilyn purchased some Sally Hanson and Nicole by OPI. The OPI's were only $1.99! Mainly kardashian colors & some of their regluar line. The Sally Hanson's ranged from $4.49 to .59¢ I don't think I spent $20 for all this Polish! I apologize for not posting the names this is a quick post. Please feel free to ask me the colors and I'll definitely get it for you :-)