Friday, January 4, 2013

How I'm currently storing my nail polish

If you asked me I'm sure I couldn't tell you how many bottles of nail polish I have. I have moments when I don't buy it for months. Then I go crazy buying it for months LOL! I've had ppl tell me I have too much nail polish.....well to each its own!!! I never tell people they smoke too many  cigarettes or drink too much liquor. Cause if that's their thing my polish and make up is mine!!!! That's why I never understood people that show their storage or haul vids on YouTube that start out with "I'm not trying to brag"........who the hell cares!?! If you were your money paid for it! So middle finger to that!!! OK I'm done ranting LOL!

So in this first pic was an empty bottom drawer of my dresser where I store my red, orange, gold, brown, yellow, golds and corals. I asking have more pinks & purples in here my nail tools, orange sticks for marbling and cotton balls to remove my polishes.

To the left of my dresser drawers I have containers stacked in the cabinets. Pinks & purples, blues, greens & teals, blacks, whites & grays. I also store my removers, acetone and my treasure chest with my base and top coats and nail treatments

On my desk is either polishes I just bought or colors I've pulled out of my stash to wear.
So that's it for now. If my set up changes I will surley do another post :-)


  1. You just made my collection look like child's play in one blog post hahahaha! I have about 50bottles. Jeeze I'm so jealous!