Friday, July 13, 2012

♥July week 2 purchases♥

This weeks purchases were mainly from the icing and I can say their clearance sale was love!!!! All the polish I got from the icing was $10! The rest came from ulta, Sally beauty supply and Walmart.
Icing polishes
L to R; pop a bottle, epic winning, rock star from Mars, crystal heart and kiss my Berry

L to R; (from the new York graffiti collection)
Silver spray paint, tag me pink, 4am dance party, midnight at times square and black shatter which is a crackle polish.

2 pure ice polishes; China girl and cheatin' forever 21 red multi-glitter icing chrome navy blue and Nina ultra pro purple x-ing

2 rimmel polishes; hard metal and pink zinfandel 3 Sally Hansen salon manicure polishes; purple pulse, angel wings and black platinum.

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