Thursday, July 5, 2012

♥A possible dupe?♥

As most nail Polish fanatics I have so many bottles of nail Polish till they all start to look alike. My good friend gave me a bottle of Sally Hansen's gem crush in Razzle Dazzler and I love it! Super sparkly glitter Polish! I plan on getting every color! Fast forward a few weeks later and I bought a ton of wet-n-wild polishes and I picked up what I believe is called sparkling (if not I will include the correct name in the comments) and when I got home and put them away I noticed how the colors are almost exact! S.H. does have a little more of a silver shimmer but if you're not willing to pay $5-$7 for Sally Hansen the wet-n-wild Polish works just as good and its only $1 I may wear both and do a comparison on how each polish wears ツ

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