Monday, October 1, 2012

♥Kleancolor Pearl Pink + 31 Shades Of Pink♥

Hard to believe October is here already! I'm sure everyone is aware that this means it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. A cause that is truly near and dear to me. As I've had family and friends battle this disease. Since I've started my blog I will be dedicating all of my posts to the cause this month and I'm calling it 31 shades of pink. Will I be able to post everyday probably not but I will as often as I can.
Day 1 brings Kleancolor Pearl pink which is a classic pink shimmer. I've had this for at least a year. I gave all of my girlfriends a bottle for my pink themed birthday party as part of their goodie bags.
Pink Pearl went on with one coat, that's what I love about their polishes mostly one coaters.
So like I said earlier I may not post everyday but it will be often. I will also make a donation for breast cancer research. How will you make contributions to the cause? :-)


  1. I love this shade of pink, It looks awesome!! And with pink being my favorite color and the Susan Koman foundation is dear to my heart I love October!! Great JOB can't wait to see the next shade of PINK :)

  2. I love kleancolor polishes I must have almost 80 bottles!!! This is a cause that I do take very serious as well.