Friday, September 21, 2012

♥Santee Magnetic Dark Wine♥

I bought this about a month ago at a local beauty supply. The price of $2 peaked my interest I picked up three more colors along with this one. In my mind $2 for a magnetic polish is uber-cheap!!!
I must say I am impressed with Dark Wine
It is a rich deep red that's super shiny although the magnet that came with it worked very well, I'm just not impressed with the straight line design I used the magnet from my Sally Hansen Polish for the wavy design. :-)


  1. $2 Santee and Nabi...just give me the cross streets and I will look for this wondrous place.

  2. If you're in Chicago it is a beauty supply inside of north Riverside mall. The cross streets are cermak rd and Harlem Ave.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for the info I wasn't as impressed by the selections but I love having alternatives and 5 Kleancolor for $3.95 is awesome. I am sorry that I forgot to tell you how great your blog is and how I love your manis.