Friday, September 7, 2012

♥Sinful Colors Moss Have♥

Ok two things you must know. I absolutely hate and dispise green nail polish! It stains my nails and looks horrible on me. I hate matte nail polish. Its rare I will wear it. So why in this post I'm wearing a green nail polish mattified????
Moss Have is one of the prettiest green matallic colors I've ever seen. Sinful colors released a line of metallic polishes and I picked up a few in my haul. When I saw this I smiled. When I do wear green nail polish ( which is about as often as a lunar eclipse) it can't be murky or super bright (like the Sally Hansen one that I'll only use in water marbles) it must be soft and shiny like this. Then to further peak my curiosity I added a coat of madly matte and it has this shiny-satin-suede finish that's just lovely! If all green nail polish was this pretty I'd own more :-)

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